Like most of us, I also have strong memories of television, in particular how the news or advertisements would start by showing some sort of animation. That fascination would turn into a fatuation with channel branding, logos and also motion graphics. 

So it's not out of the ordinary that despite studying Journalism and Sociology (multimedia studies were few and far between), the embers of the love for television would still be glowing; waiting to be fanned into a blazing fire once they were allowed the smallest amount of oxygen.

I started out as a videojournalist and tv researcher (20 jaar VTM), but in my spare time I would spend hours upon hours searching the emerging internet for the best fonts and learning how to make vector shapes do my bidding. 

With a decent amount of luck, I got to work for Alfacam where I honed my motion graphics skills further.  Among the coolest projects were a travel documentary for national broadcaster Canvas (De Weg naar Mekka - Pix-It) and science documentaries with director Stijn Van Baarle.

Though in recent time, I work more in the corporate and online sphere, I'm still blessed to work for television once in awhile. I've since realised that it's a love that will never fade.

My sights have been set on creating my own projects as well, from logline to finished product. And I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to fan the flames of my first love once again.